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The Centre for Environment Information System believes that providing education and disseminating information on current environmental issues are the primary means of addressing the issues afflicting our environment at present. Towards this endeavour, the centre has been currently undertaking the following activities in close collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Govt. of India.

Establishment and maintenance of Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Centre :

Realising the need for reliable and adequate information on environment at the MoEF, Govt. of India set up an Environmental Information System (ENVIS) in 1982 as a comprehensive network in environmental information collection, collation, storage, retrieval and dissemination to various users, which include decision-makers, researchers, academicians, policy planners etc. Information base includes both descriptive Information as well as numerical data. Descriptive information in the form of publications, reports, reprints and abstracts on related subjects is stored for dissemination. Numerical data on the subject are collected, compiled, processed and analysed for the purpose of dissemination. All the information thus compiled is made available on the website of the ENVIS centre. EMPRI has developed an ENVIS website and hosted at Karnataka State ENVIS Centre Website

Indian State Level Basic Environmental Information Database (ISBEID) :

In order to develop the relevant databases on several environment and its related parameters and also, to make it available online, MoEF, Govt. of India under the ENVIS project developed a Web enabled software called ISBEID, to feed information directly into database. ISBEID includes 17 modules comprising environmental information about air, water, land resources, forest bio-diversity, infrastructure etc. Necessary information collected from the authentic sources are fed into ISBEID server maintained at National Informatics Centre (NIC) towards building an environmental compendium for public and various other stakeholders.Indian State Level Basic Environmental Information Database


ENVIS newsletter 'PARISARA'

ENVIS centre has been publishing a quarterly newsletter 'PARISARA'. Till date 56 such newsletters have been brought out covering concurrent environmental issues.

To download the newsletters listed below please visit


Issue No Tittle Issue No Tittle Issue No Tittle
1 Inaugural Issue - Water 26 Rainwater Harvesting 51 Ramanagara
2 Special Issue - World Environment Day Rainwater Harvesting Day 27 Control and Management of Lantana 52 Beat Air Pollution
3 Bio-fuels 28 Addressing Air Pollution issues from Transportaion sources for the city of bangalore 53 Bengaluru Rural
4 Noise Pollution 29 Assessment Derived conservation strategies for Lakes of Bengaluru 54 Bandipura forest fires
5 Domestic Energy Audit 30 Market survey of Reusable E-products and Recycled E-Components  55 Flash Floods
6 Sustainable Gardening 31 An Overiew of capacity building programmes of EMPRI 56 Eco-system Services of Biodiversity
7 Technologies to combat desertification 32 Saga of saintly tree, The sandalwood tree, Nastalogic Heritage of Karnataka 57  
8 Indoor Air Pollution 33 Grow more sandalwood trees to harvest wooden gold 58  
9 Toxins 34 Mangroves- The sentinals of the Sea Shore: Save the Saviours 59  
10 Rainwater Harvesting 35 Solid Waste Management 60  
11 Fly Ash 36 Bamboo-the grass 61  
12 Eco friendly construction material 37 Human Wildlife conflicts 62  
13 People Biodiversity Register 38 Butterflies of Karnataka 63  
14 E-Waste 39 Renewable Energy initiatives in Karnataka 64  
15 Hazardous Waste 40 Climate Change mitigation and adoptation initiatives in Karnataka 65  
16 Ozone 41 Coastal Karnataka 66  
17 Global Warning 42 Plastics and its harmful effects 67  
18 Organic Farming 43 Swachh Bharat Initiatives in Karnataka 68  
19 Plastics 44 Geographical Indications of Karnataka 69  
20 Environmental disasters 45 Biodiversity Hotspots 70  
21 Natural Farming 46 Green Transportation 71  
22 Hydroponics 47 Watershed management 72  
23 Conservation of water bodies in Bengaluru 48 Beat plastic pollution 73  
24 E-Waste 49 Solar energy 74  
25 Climate Change 50 Waste water recycling 75  



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